Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dog Names

What is the first thing every puppy dog needs as soon as he is born? A unique puppy dog name!! Or, as we like to call them, a baby dog name! We understand how difficult it is to come up with that one great, unforgettable puppy name, like Scooby Doo. So we created this site to give you guidance in naming the second most important member of any family (next to your baby of course). We have scoured the Internet, dog books, doggie magazines, puppy publications and more to come up with the best list of female, girl, and boy dog names in the universe! We've found popular dog names, names of famous dogs and funny, unique doggy names. We do not have thousands of names. We have collected only the best cute names for dogs and the most unique. We offer you only the best for your baby dog!

Choose your puppy name wisely. The name fang, killer or wolf can be scary to people that are already leary of dogs. Your pet dog will quickly become a major part of your family so select a name you won't mind shouting over and over again. Dogs give you the ultimate opportunity to choose fun names that you could never give your kids, so get wild and pick something outrageous! Your dog will thank you.

Today's Top Suggested Dog Names

1. Major
2. Czar
3. Patriot
4. Haskle Rascal
5. King Edward
6. Blinker
7. Flea Town
8. Darn
9. Coaster
10. Cavity
11. Toothpick
12. Ting Ting
13. Buddy Holly
14. Werewolf
15. Furbulous
16. Kermit
17. Jingle Bells
18. Cabbie
19. Niffer
20. Kootie Bear
21. Porcupine
22. Willie Wonka
23. T-Rex
24. Sweetness
25. Rose Bud
26. Gecko
27. Liberty
28. Muttens
29. Beatle Boy
30. Bongo
31. Radio
32. Pants
33. Marlboro
34. Trot Along
35. Stamp
36. Diz Dog
37. Pussycat
38. Spock
39. Twister
40. Hurl


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